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Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace Support Belt Dual Adjustable


Product description

A small step of active service, a big step for customer satisfaction.

Made to last and easy to wash and keep clean

High quality BREATHABLE material for ultimate comfort!

Fully ADJUSTABLE with double compression straps!

Light and easy to carry!

BREATHABLE amp; Highly Resistant

Eco-friendly Reduced Packaging !

Fully ADJUSTABLE and BREATHABLE elastic side panels.

WIDE back support for more coverage!

Our waist slimming belt is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities! Wear it daily under everyday or professional clothing, when working out at the gym, playing golf, basketball, or tennis, when moving heavy objects or doing work around the house, and more.

This body shaper is designed using two firm, double-sided adjustable elastic pulls that provide compression and support to the lower back area. Elastic straps make it easy to attain the perfect amount of support, reduce pressure of heavy lifting from your back, and prevent injury or wear it during recovery to speed the healing process.

Double pull lumbar brace offers both compression and support to the abdominal and lower back muscles

Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace Support Belt Dual Adjustable

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The 50 Best Restaurants in Boston and Beyond

Our annual list of the top 50 restaurants in town that make Boston a true dining destination. These are the best places to eat in the city right now.

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The Top 50 Restaurants in Boston and Beyond

The highly anticipated return of our field-tested, thoroughly vetted, call-it-like-we-see-it ranking of the best places to eat right now in Boston and beyond.

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