$148 Biometric Smart Fingerprint Door Lock, Electronic Cylinder, Blue Safety Security Home Security Surveillance Sys Biometrics Fingerprint,/Alismaceae1295333.html,nursingexcellence.provirtualevent.com,Cylinder,,Safety Security , Home Security Surveillance Sys , Biometrics,Electronic,Lock,,Smart,Biometric,Door,Blue,$148 $148 Biometric Smart Fingerprint Door Lock, Electronic Cylinder, Blue Safety Security Home Security Surveillance Sys Biometrics Fingerprint,/Alismaceae1295333.html,nursingexcellence.provirtualevent.com,Cylinder,,Safety Security , Home Security Surveillance Sys , Biometrics,Electronic,Lock,,Smart,Biometric,Door,Blue,$148 Biometric Smart Fingerprint Door Lock Electronic Cylinder Blue At the price of surprise Biometric Smart Fingerprint Door Lock Electronic Cylinder Blue At the price of surprise

Biometric Smart Fingerprint Door Lock Electronic Cylinder Blue At the price of surprise Special Campaign

Biometric Smart Fingerprint Door Lock, Electronic Cylinder, Blue


Biometric Smart Fingerprint Door Lock, Electronic Cylinder, Blue


Product description

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Smart Lock 
Material: Zinc Alloy
Color: As Pictures Shown
Security Level: Highest Level
Number of Fingerprints: 21, 1 administrator fingerprint, 20 ordinary user fingerprints
Suitable Door Types: Security door, door, wooden door, glass door
Adapt to Door Thickness: Approx. 40 - 55mm / 1.6 - 2.2in
Lock Cylinder Size: Approx. 60mm / 2.4in (30mm / 1.2in, 30mm / 1.2in) (indicating the lock hole is in the middle position)
Static Protection: 15KV
Power Input: 3.6-5V
Working Current: lt;135mA
Standby Current: lt;10uA
Working Temperature: -30℃ -80℃
Withstand Voltage: 100,000 times
Battery Type: 4 x AAA batteries (not included)
Unlock Mode: Fingerprint, Bluetooth APP

Package List:
1 x Door Lock
1 x Bag of Install Fittings
1 x Manual
2 x Install Fittings

Biometric Smart Fingerprint Door Lock, Electronic Cylinder, Blue

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The Top 50 Restaurants in Boston and Beyond

The highly anticipated return of our field-tested, thoroughly vetted, call-it-like-we-see-it ranking of the best places to eat right now in Boston and beyond.

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$200 bonus offer. High ongoing cash back rates. No annual fee. 0% interest for 15 months on purchases. Start racking up huge cash back rewards.


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dongguan NUEEUDD Napkin Box 1 Piece PU Leather Square Cocktail N

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FMOGQ Cremation urns Colored glaze moisture-proof high seal for

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Paint by Numbers Kits Siamese Cat 5D DIY Diamond Painting Rhines
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